Mayfair has some brilliant things to offer, one of which is definitely the accommodation provided in this incredible city. One of the best hotels in this city is without doubt Claridge’s, this 5 star hotel is the definition of luxury. They have a wide variety of rooms and suites for you to choose from however even the cheapest rooms available are still incredibly luxurious. The staff at this place are brilliant, they literally work around the clock to make sure when you are accommodated with them it is a remember able experience. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Mayfair escorts for the night of your dreams.

Mayfair also has many different establishments that provide exquisite cuisine, one of the best is The Wolseley restaurant and café. This establishment has a really relaxing feel, which makes it ideal to enjoy a delicious meal with one of the most stunning Mayfair escorts and indulge in her company. The cuisine served here is really something, it is arguably some of the best in the whole of the capital city, London. This is the perfect establishment to enjoy brilliant food at no matter what time of the day with them even offering breakfast.

Mayfair has some incredible bars for visitors to discover, if you haven’t already then you should without doubt try The Rivoli Bar. This bar is set within The Ritz hotel which is renowned for its incredible luxury, the décor here really shows how high class this establishment is you will be struck by this décor upon arrival. They serve up some of the best cocktails as well which is a must try, they also have a wide selection of beverages including some very impressive champagne. This is the ideal location to be joined by one of the most gorgeous Mayfair escorts for an exquisite cocktail while you get to know your companion.