Living in London

London is one of the greatest cities in the world even though it is incredibly expensive to live in this amazing city, this city is littered with high class establishments for both its residents and potential visitors. If you live in city you will be aware of some of the impeccable food establishments, there are to many to mention them all but one of the great ones in this city is La Chapelle. This restaurants focus is French cuisine and my god it doesn’t half pull it off incredibly! If this restaurant is new to you knowledge then you would be stupid to not go and try it out it really is something to behold. This is the perfect kind of establishment to be joined by one of the most incredible London escorts for some delicious French cuisine.

London has everything anything you could think of London can most likely provide it, if its accommodation your looking to indulge in London has so many 5 star hotels its incredibly hard to choose from them all. One of these 5 star hotels that is a must try is definitely The Soho Hotel, this 5 star establishment is very luxurious and if you’re looking for hotel for a holiday in the capital city then is the perfect hotel for you however you might not see much of London because you won’t want to leave your incredibly luxurious room.

If you the kind of person that loves nothing more than partying it up then London is without doubt the city for you. One of the best nightclubs in this amazing city is the Ministry of Sound, you’ve probably heard of this establishment seems as though it one of the most renowned nightclubs in the whole of the country. This is the perfect kind of establishment to be joined by one of the most drop dead gorgeous London escorts for an incredibly partying experience.