Thai Restaurants in Europe

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In the current 21st century society you can easily find a continental restaurant, regardless of where you are in the world. Its never been easier to enjoy the culinary cuisine of Rome when staying in Dartford so it’s no surprise that some of the best chefs from their respective countries choose to apply their trade overseas where demand is often higher. So in this blog we’re going to look at some of the best Thai restaurants across the world, made all the better when in the company of Bangkok escorts.

You may surprised to hear that there are no Michelin star restaurants in Thailand, which are given the much coveted award for outstanding culinary excellence, as well as the dining atmosphere, location, service and a number of other factors. Until this year Copenhagen based Kiin Kiin was the only Thai restaurant to boast a Michelin star. It has just recently been joined by New York restaurant Somtum Der which makes up the only 2 Thai restaurants in the world to have a Michelin star.

In Thailand there has been some controversy surrounding this, with many saying that this Michelin star pomposity could be the beginning of the end for authentic and delicious Thai cuisine as more and more try to emulate what is considered by the so called experts what Thai food should be. Others argue that immersion of Michelin star Thai restaurants in London will only be good for Thailand and its economy as it introduces its unique cuisine across the world and encourages people to visit the country.

While there may be no restaurants in Thailand that boast a Michelin star restaurant, at least they do have one massive plus side and that is you get to dine at the most authentic of restaurants in the company of a stunning Bangkok escort, how many New York restaurants can say that? Thai food is on the up as more and more people are discovering its delicious secrets. But if you only care about the food, then for sure you want to visit an authentic restaurant in Thailand. Make an evening you’ll never forget by booking a Bangkok escort and enjoying some intimate dinner conversation.