Dior London Escorts has a New Website

A professional image of a London escort

So Dior Escorts has a brand new website, the have put it all over Twitter, on Facebook and also Instagram, it is advertised on the Adult Creative website as well.

I thought that I would take a look at it and see what I thought and share those thoughts with you here

The Dior Escorts website has the same basis as what it had before, black and gold have been used as the primary colours, I guess this is because this is what their brand is based on and you will not forget the look that they are after, elegant and stylish – just like the London escorts that appear on their site. The layout of the homepage has changed some what, they are two rows of escorts featured, £150 girls at the top and £200 girls a bit lower down, it does help to draw you in. The gallery is nice, at the top of the page is two larger images of girls, these ladies are “featured” as soon as you land on the page these girls jump out at you, its going to be interesting to see what the click through rate to these two spaces are and how many more they get than normal profiles.


A few addition features have been added also, to help with picking your escort, these are;

  • Choose by area
  • Choose by type
  • Choose by name
  • Choose by price


I like the name one because if you call up and receptionist is telling you about a girl you don’t have to spend long looking thorough the site, its right there at your finger tips.


Now the Dior Escorts site is nice but also there is another that has jumped out at me recently


Again another escort agency based in London Rachaels London Escorts has a lighter approach than Dior Escorts, they have gone for blue and platinum – the site looks really fresh, I also like their logo, it looks like the lady has signed the page herself. Across the top is a row of featured girls, Rachaels has mixed this line up and put in girls in many different areas and prices. Reviews are also displayed on the front page, I guess people do really love looking at reviews of escorts, it is a major factor in the deciding of who you are going to see. I know that when I am looking at products to buy on line I search Google for reviews of the products before I make my decision.

A professional photograph of a London escort

The gallery on Rachaels London Escorts is a pretty basic one but it does what it is meant to do and the one really good thing is galleries like these look great on mobiles, mobile search is really import these days as the growth of Smartphones means more and more people are not heading to desktops. I have cast my thoughts on two websites which are in the same genre, they are both good sites and I would struggle to say which I find the best or the easiest to use. Both do what they say on the tin and I am sure that there are loads of people out there whom will enjoy booking sexy escorts in London via both of these sites.