First Tantric Massage Tips

It’s normal to be a bit nervous about your first tantric massage experience. You might not know exactly what to expect, what’s considered right or wrong and what your role in the massage is. These feelings are completely natural as you’ve never gotten a massage before so this is a lose guide into what to expect, what’s right, wrong and, simply put, how to best enjoy the experience of an outcall tantric massage in London.1454769435_staff_46_56b6051b17bea

First of all make sure to book from a legitimate place. A tantric massage London is a sensual experience without intercourse. If you and your masseuse are feeling spark and want to get a bit more intimate this would only happen after the massage and not during the session. You may feel the need to orgasm during the session due to all the wonderful stimulation you’re receiving. While orgasm is not discouraged in any way this doesn’t mean that this is the end goal of the massage, it’s simply a welcomed side effect that sometimes is present and sometimes isn’t.

It’s important for you to be clean before your massage but it’s also important you avoid any creams or oils that may interfere with the ones the masseuse has brought to use. It’s best, for this reason, to wait for your masseuse in a towel or a robe. If you feel better waiting with your underwear on under the towel or robe that’s fine but you’ll be asked to remove them (unless you’ve stated that you wish to keep them on which should be fine too). Just remember that the service you’re paying for is a complete service that includes every bit of your body.

Finally, relax, have fun. Your masseuse is very discreet and you don’t have to worry about a thing as you’re being massaged… well, other than having a good time and enjoying the experience. Worrying will do nothing for you and instead will hinder you from having a complete and satisfying experience.