Getting to Know Your Masseuse

Your tantric masseuse from Love Tantric will quickly become someone you want to get to know more. Not even after the massage but before it. She comes to you with ltl1a smile and might make some talk to relax you before the experience. She sounds like a fun kind of woman, smart, sexy and yet humble. She’ll make you wonder what goes on behind her beautifully shaped eyes and what tugs at the side of her mouth into a smile. It’s not that she’s gorgeous (because she definitely is) but because she’s lovely, truly a lovely person. She’ll spend the time she has to, coaching you, pleasuring your body through her knowledge of massages and then she might even make some more conversation before she leaves. The more times she comes the more you just want to know more and it’s completely natural that you do. She is an important part of your life and someone that knows you intimately since the moment you two first met. Many times clients are worried about being too personal with masseuses but they’ll be glad to know that masseuses not only don’t mind but love making true friendships with their clients. They are also very much women that love to be wined and dined so if you’re itching to ask her to hang out then do so. She won’t think you’re weird or that you’re somehow breaking some unspoken rule of massages, in fact you might be surprised she’ll find it lovely if you invite her to your favorite restaurant, a pub or even for some fine dining.

Getting to know your masseuse is just part of the package that comes with getting massages more than once and since she knows you already it’s only fair that you get to know her. Listen to her funny stories; hear her laugh as you tell her how nervous you were the first time she came over. Open up to her! It’s actually a sign your massages are working. The fact that you want to make deeper and more meaningful connections, that you’re open to being bold and asking someone like her out for some fun means that you’re well on your way to sensual awakening.