How Different People Experience Tantra

1468595601_staff_580_5788fd9127178_tnMany people think that tantric experiences are all the same. At first glance it’s easy to see why this might seem that way: you have an experience that seems to be merely physical and about attaining the most amount of pleasure from someone’s body. It sounds like a glorified version of masturbation if you boil it down like that… The truth, however, is much more complicated.

Tantric massages are completely a personalized experience. It means something different to different people and it’s in no way a glorified version of masturbation. Sure, there is pleasure involved but there is pleasure in a lot of things in life. What tantric massages do is take that pleasure that you can feel and exponentially heighten it while, at the same time, condensing it to a short amount of time. How a client reacts to this will obviously depend on the client. Some clients feel very powerful after their massages and like they can conquer the entire world if they felt like it. Some clients take the experience much more deeply and will feel completely overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotions. Some clients have a hard time letting go and will often find their first experience a bit frustrating and the process of opening up takes much more time and it’s slower. Some clients aren’t looking for sentimental things and will enjoy the physical aspects a lot more. Each client is a universe to explore; each body has its own idiosyncrasies to savor, to enjoy, and to exploit and every mind that is touched by the tantric message is not looking for the same thing nor is it going to react the same.

Every time you have a tantric massage from an agency like Bespoke Tantric the best thing to do is to leave your expectations at the door and appreciate the massage as a time to give something back to yourself and to simply let go. Just because of what you’ve seen and heard doesn’t mean you’ll have that experience and, in fact, your new experience can be completely different from the one prior. Never have an expectation because just like this world you are a changing individual and every time you shift greatly you can’t accurately predict how you’re going to react.