Becoming Enlightened

1471603183_staff_537_57b6e1ef35299_tnWhat does it mean to be enlightened sexually? Once again it almost seems like a gimmick to get people to do things that are against the common morality. Well, the common morality is a questionable thing in within itself but other than that… there really isn’t anything against morals in being sexually enlightened.

What is sex? Other than the reproductive benefits of it sex is one of the most fool proof ways of humans not only getting pleasure but of being completely intimate with someone else. At least that’s the theory behind it all but most of us aren’t having that kind of sex, in fact most of us are having pretty sad sex lives. When you become enlightened sexually the idea is to maximize the things that make having sex great. It means not letting anything come between you and the real meaning of sex. Not empty sex, not touch and go fun and definitely no more sex without orgasms… When you become enlightened it’s simply no longer about satisfying an urge but about fulfilling your sexual chakra and opening yourself to a world of pleasure.

Getting to this place is easier than you’d think. What you need is a good teacher who treats sex and sensuality with the respect it deserves. No one is talking about prostitutes or even so called professionals who are only after money but about women that have spent their lives studying tantric arts and who are certified masseuses willing to work with someone who wants to begin a journey into the best sex life they can have.

A tantric masseuse is the teacher and a tantric massage London is the lesson. Just like with anything else you can’t start the lessons with the act itself so there is no sex involved in tantric massages but that doesn’t make them any less alluring and sensual. You’ll learn to control your body, feel the heights to which you can take your pleasure and your sensitivity and slowly you can begin to understand how to practice what you’re taught outside of the tantric massage and with those that you want to connect with.