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Becoming Enlightened

What does it mean to be enlightened sexually? Once again it almost seems like a gimmick to get people to do things that are against the common morality. Well, the common morality is a questionable thing in within itself but other than that… there really isn’t anything against morals in being sexually enlightened. What is […]


How Different People Experience Tantra

Many people think that tantric experiences are all the same. At first glance it’s easy to see why this might seem that way: you have an experience that seems to be merely physical and about attaining the most amount of pleasure from someone’s body. It sounds like a glorified version of masturbation if you boil […]


Getting to Know Your Masseuse

Your tantric masseuse from Love Tantric will quickly become someone you want to get to know more. Not even after the massage but before it. She comes to you with a smile and might make some talk to relax you before the experience. She sounds like a fun kind of woman, smart, sexy and yet […]


First Tantric Massage Tips

It’s normal to be a bit nervous about your first tantric massage experience. You might not know exactly what to expect, what’s considered right or wrong and what your role in the massage is. These feelings are completely natural as you’ve never gotten a massage before so this is a lose guide into what to […]

erotic sushi

Where to eat: best sushi in London

There are two inspirations for this blog posts. The first is that many of our clients prefer to become better acquainted with our beautiful girls before enjoying the Guilty pleasures of an erotic tantric massage. Particularly regular clients who know developing further intimacy with their masseuse will better equip her to fulfill his desires and […]